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Participation work with children and young people in CAFADA

One of the most exciting and complex strands of our work for the CAFADA project has been the creation, implementation, and evaluation of a creative participatory project that some of our researchers led in a specialised youth centre in England, aimed at supporting young people affected by domestic abuse. Started from the careful work of

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Over the past forty years there has been a welcome improvement in how we understand and define domestic violence and abuse within the context of current or former intimate relationships (Holt et al., 2018). We have moved beyond seeing domestic violence and abuse as being mainly about incidents of physical abuse, to encompass a wider

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What’s happening with CAFADA?

The CAFADA team has had an exciting few months since our launch on 1 October 2019. We have met with our delivery partners in London, Manchester, Bedford, Northamptonshire, Falkirk, Edinburgh and Fife. It’s been fascinating to hear their accounts of how their innovative programmes have developed. In the next few months we will begin the

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The CAFADA project

The CAFADA project examines how innovation in social care might support children and young people impacted by domestic abuse.  It examines examples of innovative practice in social care, the domestic abuse and children’s sector, and the criminal justice sector, exploring how interventions are experienced by children, young people and their parents / carers, their outcomes,

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